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Telnet with Emulater.

                     Telnet is a network protocol used on the Internet or LAN to provide a bidirectional interactive text-oriented communications facility using a virtual terminal connection. By default telnet is not enable in window, we need to enable it.

Enable Setting:-
                           Click on Start - Control Panel - Program - Then click on "turn windows feature ON/OFF"
-Enable Telnet.   Now it's available for use.

With Emulator:-
                       Open command prompt- "Path to your sdks"\ telnet localhost 5554 then press Enter.
                       5554:- Number of emulator which you want to connect with telnet.
                       Path:- C:\users\san\android-sdks\platform-tools (Generally, it may different in your case).

Example:- C:\users\san\android-sdks\platform-tools\telent loaclhost 5554
       After clicking enter following screen will open.(should emulator open before enter this syntax).

Help provide you other command.

Passing value from Telnet to Emulator:-
                                                       "geo" command are use to send Longitude and latitude to emulator.

Syntax:- geo fix longitude latitude
Example:- geo fix 76.57492 18.457

this value check with emulator value which user fix on map.

Start/Stop AVD:-
                         1.  using Telnet you can start/stop avd(android virtual device).

                         Example:- avd start 5556
                                         avd start 5558

                         2. Load/delete snapshot of avd.

                         Example:- avd snapshot save 5554
                                         avd snapshot del 5554

Manage Network:-
                                Example:- network status
                                                network capture start

You can also able to do lot of work which Telnet offer. Go and play on Telnet.

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