Friday, 24 August 2012

Detecting Android Device on Ubuntu(Linux) 0r ????????? No permission for Device

   To test our Android Application we need to use Device(Mobile Handset, Tablet or Emulator).
It's Easy to run Android Application on Emulator. But some time we need to run or test the Application on actual device. Before testing application we need to check whether device drive properly install or not.

When u connect device on Ubuntu. Many time it show one message on terminal( Command prompt),  

?????????? No permission for Device.   

At this time you need to kill  all adb using   write following on terminal. do not give any path before this.

>>>>killall adb    

Then you need to start your server or adb again.... But before that you need to close your eclipse.  then type on terminal...

>>>>Sudo '/your adb path here/' start-server

your server will start and showing starting message on terminal.

Then check whether testing device is visible or not on terminal. Use following command for that...

>>>> '/your adb path here/' devices

it show following message  

List of attached devices
Smart Tab 1.  

you will also find your device in Eclipse...
  open device in Eclipse... it will show the devices which are attached including Emulator

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